Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beyond Maturity

Since the development of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) by the Carnegie Mellon University Software Institute (SEI) and the US Air Force, every man and their dog have come up with their own maturity index's that are essentially the same as or close to the CMMI.

My premise is that there must be something beyond a simple assessment of a management process and I think that is the actualisation of that management process.  The idea is to not measure the theoretical effectiveness the organisation's management process but to measure how productive and effective is the output of the management process. ie the value of rapid actualisation.

 I think this draws some broad similarities to the ISO System Engineering, Design for Six Sigma, AGILE, CMMI and my own rapid value actualisation method.

ISO 15288 Six Sigma AGILE Capability Maturity Model Assessment Rapid Value
Stakeholder Requirements Definition Process
(Clause 6.4.1)
Requirements Analysis Process (Clause 6.4.2)
Define Discovery Initial Benefits Identification/
Earned Value Framework
Architectural Design Process (Clause 6.4.3) Measure Design Managed Model Based Design
Implementation Process (Clause 6.4.4)
Integration Process
(Clause 6.4.5)
Verification Process (Clause 6.4.6)
Analyse Develop Process Defined Rapid Prototyping/
Initial Benefits/EVM
Transition Process
(Clause 6.4.7)
Validation Process
(Clause 6.4.8)
Design Integrate & Test Quantitatively Managed Change Management
Operation Process
(Clause 6.4.9)
Maintenance Process (Clause 6.4.10)
Disposal Process
(Clause 6.4.11)
Verify Release Optimised Application Implementation/
Benefits Realisation

I would have liked to have worked Prince2 into the above table but its more a management framework to be overlaid onto a product development cycle. This article has the best view I have seen of the seven Prince2 Management processes.

Although this article does have a good view on overlaying Prince2 onto a project/product development process.

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